Tips for Dressing for a Television Interview

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Tips for Dressing for a Television Interview

Have you agreed to a television interview (live or pre-taped)? Here are some tips to look your best and present a professional image:

• Simple is key.

• Wear solid colors that aren’t too loud; stripes and plaids should stay at home.

• Dress comfortably but conservatively and professionally.

• Don’t over-accessorize. Avoid large jewelry or dangly accessories.

• Less is more when it comes to makeup and hair.

• Stand during the interview, if possible, with legs slightly spread to balance your weight with your arms at your sides.

• If sitting, avoid swiveling in a chair.

• Talk to the reporter, not to the camera. If no reporter, talk to the photographer operating the camera.

• Think about your body language. If you cross your arms, you look defensive.

• Don’t overuse your hands or arms to make gestures.

• Don’t rock or sway.

• Except when doing a cooking demonstration, try not to hold anything in your hands. You don’t want to start tapping a pen or shuffling papers. If conducting a demonstration, be sure to keep it moving. For cooking segments, use clear dishes if possible, so viewers can see the ingredients.