Is Your Crisis Communication Coronavirus Ready?

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The seemingly never-ending news about Covid-19 (coronavirus) is now impacting our daily lives. Even if your company or organization doesn’t have a current crisis communication plan, there are still immediate steps that you can take to prepare your business for the challenges ahead as this crisis continues to unfold.

Define Key Audiences and Prioritize How to Effectively Communicate with Them

Decide who you need to communicate with, what they need to know and the best way to reach out to them. Here are some key audiences to consider and the kind of information that may be important to share with them:


  • What steps is the company taking to protect them?
  • What processes or procedures are changing to minimize potential exposure and how does this impact their interaction?
  • How is the company empowering them to protect themselves and others? (sick leave, work from home, virtual meetings/conferences)
  • As the situation changes, where can they get the most updated information on the situation and your organization’s response?

Consider the Various Communication Vehicles

After you decide who you need to communicate with and what they need to know, determine the best way to reach out to them. Keep in mind, there may be multiple ways to make the information available. In times of crisis, the rule is to reach out to each audience in the way(s) they are used to hearing from you. Here are some to consider:

  • Email
  • Letter/memo
  • Text
  • Website/Intranet
  • Social Media post
  • Poster/posted signs
  • Meeting/conversation
  • Telephone call
  • Crisis line
  • Videotaped message
  • Recorded audio message
  • Bulletin board
  • Electronic reader board
  • Newsletter/eNewsletter

Don’t Let a Crisis Damage Your Corporate Image

If you need help with messaging for Covid-19 or any other crisis that could damage your business and its reputation, please reach out. I’m happy to set up a time to talk about how my team can help.

When it comes to crisis communication, Peridot Group has decades of experience. We have a team of former journalists who now work on behalf of clients. Our team has led communication through SARS, bird flu, Zika virus, seasonal influenza and now Covid-19/coronavirus.

Our crisis communication services are second to none. We’d love to put them to work for you.

Kristi Arndt,

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Powerboat 666 gets a steadying hand prior to the starting flag during races in Forest Lake.
A crowd favorite and one of the winners–Jonah Gilbertson–readies for his race in Forest Lake.
Getting water ready and ready for speed.
One of the starting lineups during the 2019 powerboat races in Forest Lake.
Catch me if you can! The 2019 powerboat races in Forest Lake.
Number 95 speeding past during the 2019 powerboat races in Forest Lake.
Powerboat #32 catchin’ some air during the 2019 races in Forest Lake.
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The 2019 powerboat races in Forest Lake, Minn., provided hours of entertainment for fans gathered on shore and in boats safely situated just beyond the racing course.

The different classes of boats raced across the water at speeds up to 135 mph. From the entry-level GT Pro to the adrenaline-inducing SST classes (Super Sport Tunnel), drivers provided an afternoon of high-speed competition to the delight of spectators.

The annual event is one of a handful of races in Minnesota and Wisconsin organized by the Twin Cities Powerboat Association.

Click here to watch a brief video.

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Have you agreed to a television interview (live or pre-taped)? Here are some tips to look your best and present a professional image:

• Simple is key.

• Wear solid colors that aren’t too loud; stripes and plaids should stay at home.

• Dress comfortably but conservatively and professionally.

• Don’t over-accessorize. Avoid large jewelry or dangly accessories.

• Less is more when it comes to makeup and hair.

• Stand during the interview, if possible, with legs slightly spread to balance your weight with your arms at your sides.

• If sitting, avoid swiveling in a chair.

• Talk to the reporter, not to the camera. If no reporter, talk to the photographer operating the camera.

• Think about your body language. If you cross your arms, you look defensive.

• Don’t overuse your hands or arms to make gestures.

• Don’t rock or sway.

• Except when doing a cooking demonstration, try not to hold anything in your hands. You don’t want to start tapping a pen or shuffling papers. If conducting a demonstration, be sure to keep it moving. For cooking segments, use clear dishes if possible, so viewers can see the ingredients.

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The holidays can be stressful–and that stress can include your pets. Smart Hemp CBD offers a wide selection of premium-quality Cannibidiol (CBD) hemp oil products that can help relieve symptoms such as anxiety, loss of appetite and aggressive behavior and make the holidays less stressful for pets and pet owners. These products are specifically formulated for pets, veterinarian approved and sourced from carefully screened suppliers that use only the highest-quality ingredients.

Read about it in the news release below.

Relieve Pets Holiday Stress With CBD


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Congratulations to Minnesota’s own Scholarship America! The nation’s largest non-profit, private-sector scholarship organization is celebrating 60 years of making college possible for millions of students. During those 60 years the organization has distributed more than $4 billion in scholarships to more than 2.4 million students. See the attached news release to learn more about the contributions this organization has made during the past 60 years.

Scholarship America Celebrates 60 Years

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Smart Hemp CBD is introducing a new line of premium-quality hemp oil products specifically formulated for pets. Developed under the direction of a veterinarian, these products can provide everyday healthful benefits and help relieve specific symptoms such as: anxiety, loss of appetite, aggressive behavior, allergies, inflammation, seizures and arthritis. The products are available online at Read the news release below and coverage in American Veterinarian.

Smart Hemp CBD Debuts Hemp Oil Products for Pets  |  American-Veterinarian

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We recently worked with Persuade Loyalty to launch their new CryptoRewards Exchange, a new rewards redemption concept that enables its clients to offer customers a choice of preferred cryptocurrencies as a redemption reward. As younger generations join the ranks of frequent business and leisure travelers, they are looking for loyalty programs which offer more relevant and meaningful rewards than those that incentivized their parents and grandparents.

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